The Black Authors Network Talk Show

Join us weekly for the most stimulating conversation on the planet! African American community leaders, authors, writers, poets, and book lovers come together 3 times a week to discuss things that matter the most in our communities. Join us and become part of our family!

Black Authors Network Radio Talk Show

Author/Speakers call-in number
(646) 200-0402; fans use the same number

Promotional fee- $45.00
Your actual interview on BTR is FREE at all times. Guests make payments to cover the additional exposure for the interview hosted by Ella Curry. During the month we host a number of high profile events that generate alot of traffic to our radio feeds and blog sites, it costs to maintain the operation behind BAN Radio, thus the fees for promotional services and ads placed on our shows. All interviews are fee based.

EDC Creations Media Group: Our Vision

Our vision is to build the most successful network of readers, authors, business leaders and publishers by bringing together the talents, efforts, and relationships necessary for a greater collective success.  At EDC Creations every client is vital to us and our community. Your success and ours are truly dependent on each other. Without your support, we cannot deliver the information and resources that are so important to millions of people who read in the world.

We will give our all in order to help you meet the challenges you face by developing innovative programs that really work, with the audience we have come to know and love.

Through the ups and downs of these trying times, our partners and loyal supporters have stuck together and have emerged as industry leaders in building rich, credible, and inviting communities for people around the world, and from all walks of life, whatever their interests and lifestyles. We strive to continue to bring you the most stimulating content on the web.

Take a moment and examine the services we offer business owners, authors and publishing house--traditional and independently operated. Feel free to email us with any questions or comments.

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How does BAN Radio work?
Check out the most frequently asked questions here.


Your $45.00 Payment Covers
-|- The $45.00 covers the promotions before and after your visit
-|- Admin. fees cover website maintenance and updates
-|- Admin. fees for the book reviewer and EDC staff members
-|- Promotion by an award winning media firm, EDC Creations
-|- Syndication of your interview to BAN email newsletter subscribers
-|- Group E-blast promotion to 165, 000 EDC Subscribers, after the show

Should we invest more into your dream than you do?
Most Blogtalk Radio hosts depend on the actual chat room head count to determine if they have a popular show or not.  EDC Creations does not. Our audience is not entirely in the BTR chat room. They live around the globe and come from all walks of life. Most are busy people who want to enjoy the show on their own time. We have millionaires listening in Las Vegas and little housewives in Dublin! We know because they reply to us, from the email newsletters with much praise about the people we bring to empower them. 

They also go to iTunes, Podbean, 130 of our social network profiles and the BAN Radio Show homepage to download the shows weekly. Our fans receive our shows in their email accounts, so they do not have to stop their lives to come in the chat room. They love us for making life easier!

EDC Creations goes beyond the chat room to let people know about you and your product. A BTR chat room can only hold a few folks, but our RSS feeds can entertain and educate all 165, 000 of our EDC subscribers weekly!

BTR is not a free medium. EDC Creations pays a monthly fee to host the show on Blogtalk.  We love them for offering the public this service. We could not host the Black Authors Radio Show, on BTR, if they were not so generous, we so appreciate it.  We do not charge anyone for interviews.  However, EDC Creations is a full time marketing and promotions firm. We require the administration fees to help cover the cost of promoting authors in our network.  Sharing your book or product with a global market; we do not charge for coming on the air at BTR. The experience of dealing with a publishing industry insider and business owner, beats handing your book promotion over to a host who only offers a 1-hour chat room spotlight!

Benefits of Paying for Promotional Coverage
-|- We do not follow the radio trends, we create them
-|- We increase your territory of readers and potential consumers
-|- Potential to expose your books to an International audience
-|- We are a favorite stop for 5 virtual tour companies-bringing crowds
-|- We go beyond the BTR chat room; we promote you to the masses
-|- Access to our years of resources, contacts and dedicated followers
-|- Each show creates 3 different RSS feed driven newsletters weekly
-|- EDC Creations has a relationship with book clubs and reader's groups

BAN Show Format
-|- Introduction, Sponsor Ads and Radio Commencials
-|- Each author interviewed up to 30 minutes each
-|- Authors interviewed by the order they called into the show
-|- Group chats together on topic of the day and the writer's journey
-|- Show is available for download; Archived on BTR
-|- Call-ins welcomed; Gifts to selected participants of the chat
-|- Companion blog community for the written interviews and author profiles

BAN Statistics - Our Monthly Reach
-|- BAN Radio created 12.22.2007
-|- 1.7 Thousand LIKES on Facebook
-|- 3,435,912 show downloads to date
-|- 3,000+ Twitter followers
-|- 13,000+ Facebook followers (3 acct.)
-|- 1,000+ registered Blogtalk Radio friends
-|- Listed in 130+ RSS Feed Directories and iTunes
-|- Show creates 3 email newsletters (total 271,000+ subscribers)
-|- International listeners from social network feeds, view here
-|- Data monitored with Sitemeter; we know who supports BAN
-|- Average 900 or more downloads/listens per radio show, view here.
-|- We are Featured BTR Hosts, reaching potentially millions weekly

Note: Stats as of December 30, 2012 


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Still have questions?

Check out the most frequently asked questions here.


BAN Radio Show Shelftalker:  $199.00

Advertise your Book or Business with a special audio presentation. The radio commercials will be played at the 8:00, 8:30 or 9:30 pm on BAN Radio Show with host Ella D. Curry.  Fee:  $199.00 x 6 different radio shows in 30 days

* Fee includes 5 Minute Radio Commercial aired on 6 shows in 30 days
* Book cover added to the front page sidebar of Black Pearls Magazine
* AudioShelftalker page remains on EDC Creations' site for 90 days, view here.
* Samples: Lutishia Lovely. Alexis Herman. Kimberla Lawson Roby. Leonard Pitts Jr.

Tell the world that your book is out! Small business owners, event planners, personal coaches, publishers, artists, have a new product, service or a event that needs exposure? Tell our listerners today! Create an audio introduction, reading and sales pitch that will be played on BAN Radio Show 6 times in 30 days.  The author or business owner will received the full instructions via email, after payment. 

More About The Black Authors Network Talk Show
The Black Author Network (BAN Radio) is a weekly online radio show that features authors and literary leaders three times per week to give the readers a blast of knowledge, wisdom, and empowerment. Our philosophy is one of positive self-image and empowerment. We are dedicated to promoting the advancement of multicultural, diverse books in all aspects of business and social networking. 

Using author interviews as the theme for each show, book lovers get a first-hand look at the “behind the book” news, as the authors and host, Ella D. Curry, share the storyline of new book releases. We respect our readers’ intelligence and strive to deliver shows and books that enrich their lives. We come to the readers each week to invoke dialogues on increasing literacy for future generations, to enlighten the community on great books, and to empower our readers with the Gift of Knowledge! 

Join us in serving as a collective voice committed to providing quality literature to an international audience. Tune in each Monday and Wednesday night, 8-10 pm EST at: BlogTalk Radio or call into the live radio show at: (646) 200-0402.

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Still have questions?

Check out the most frequently asked questions here.


BAN Radio Special Showcases: $75.00

If you would like to schedule a special 1-hour feature on BAN Radio discussing your book, business or event there is a $75.00 admin fee for the showcase.  Email Ella to host your radio broadcast. The fee covers the full promotion of your event to the EDC Creations network. You are welcome to invite book reviewers and fans on the show.  Your book will be showcased in a group eblast from EDC Creations. This is NOT a private showcase.  There will be another author featured on the show. View the stats from a new authors special showcaseListen to the sample radio show here.  For private showcases, purchase the Virtual Book or Product Release Party, shown below.  

BAN Virtual Launch Party: $155.00 

::: Virtual Book Release Party with eblast announcement 
A Virtual Book Release party consists of EDC Creations arranging for book clubs and readers to join the author in the Black Authors Network chat room. We will have a ball discussing the book and the "behind the scene" information into the creation of the book. View a sample release party here with Kimberla Lawson Roby, go here to listen.

The photo below is a copy of our reported stats for the BAN Radio show as of  December 4, 2012.  We are increasing our audience weekly with Twitter updates and followers! 

An Evening with Ella...   
The author will be interviewed, on the air of BAN Radio Show,  with Ella  Curry for 1-hour.  The author will perform a live reading from the book too.  The author invites their entire network to join in the party. Reviewers or people who have read the book, will call into the show to add support or to discuss the book. The author chats in the chat room during the interview, answering questions there as well.  

Listen to one of our BAN Radio show parties with  author Monique Mensah, that has 4,721 downloads as of December 9, 2012 and climbing.  

The featured author's books are sold directly from the chatroom, during the party. This promotion includes a email blast to the EDC Creations database of readers after the show. The re-broadcast of the interview is available in 130 RSS feeds, including iTunes!  To date we have sold over 3,870 books at our virtual release parties and online events, from the EDC Creations bookstore  (stats as of Dec. 9, 2012). There is no way for us to know how many books sold from other locations, but we can let you know how many books we sell in our online store.

Materials Need for Package
Email the following material to this email account only: Please make sure your information is correct before sending. No refunds after the promotion has started. We reserve the right to refuse service to X-rated material. No revisions. Editing will require an additional fee. Do not send more than 2 Word documents with this information. Combine all small documents into one large document. 

Please obtain legal permission from your publisher to use all images, excerpts and audio snippets. The author is responsible for acquiring the permissions BEFORE submitting to us!

--Title of Book and Author's Name
--ISBN# and author's website address
--Book synopsis and 2 book reviews
--First chapter excerpt in a Word document; no pdf documents
--Author's cell-phone number, biography and personal photo
--Five primary talking points related to the book
--Link to one book seller website or the author's website
--Completed Black Pearls Magazine interview questionnaire
--All BAN Radio Parties are on Monday; submit the dates that you are available 

Note: A representative will email you at the PayPal address that you made the payment from, with further instructions. If this PayPal address is not your main email address, make sure you check out both accounts for our message.  If you have not heard from a EDC Creations representative in 36 hours, please email Ella Curry at:



Who are the BAN Radio Show Listeners

Based on a survey we sent out October 20, 2013 to our email database of
165,000+ subscribers, we found out the following information about our readers. These numbers are based on 91% participating in the survey. The readers were surveyed on the Black Authors Network and Black Pearls Magazine potential to educate and entertain them weekly. Read the summarized data below to obtain a snapshot of the purchase power of our readers and subscribers.  We use this information to determine our campaign  approach. 

Age of Subscribers for Black Pearls and BAN Radio
7%----19-29   years old
51%---30-39  years old
37%---40-49  years old
4%---50-59  years old
1%-----60-79  years old

Gender and Sexual Preference
27%----LGBT or Alternate Lifestyle

Race or Cultural Identity of Subscribers
91%----US readers and fans
9%------International readers and fans
51%----African American
2%------Middle Eastern

Education of Subscribers
5%-----High School Grad Only
3%-----Some College
67%----College Grad
25%----Advanced Degree

Annual Income of Subscribers (only 81% answered)
1%----20k or under

Reading and Shopping Habits of Subscribers
61%--Wanted more diverse races and topics on the radio show
73%--Watch TV online via the networks, Hulu, Crackle or Netflix
77%--Still purchased printed books or read printed books
75%--Own a eReader, iPod or iPad
95%--Have smartphones or iPhones
67%--Post product reviews at online retailers
87%--Purchase based on recommendations vs. paid ads
76%--Have Blog or Tumblr account
86%--Have Twitter accounts
93%--Have Facebook accounts
81%--Have Youtube accounts
88%--Have Pandora accounts
81%--Have Amazon Kindle accounts
19%--Have B&N Nook accounts
94%--Prefer Texting over actual phone conversation
74%--Prefer Facebook over Twitter
81%--Prefer ooVoo or FaceTime over Skype for video chats
85%--Prefer YouTube as video provider
86%--Prefer online media versus printed media
44%--Still buy newspapers, magazines and CDs
85%--Our fans stay online 8 hours or more per day
77%--Check their email at least 5 times per day
84%--Will open email eblasts or newsletters
67%--Subscribe to opt-in email newsletters
91%--Prefer subscriptions to their inbox versus surfing the web
83%--Prefer live author readings over reading pdf excerpts
81%--Download favorites radio shows to share
92%--Download shows to personal listening devices
86%--Tell at least 5 people about the show
87%--Join Twitter chats and Facebook chats
66%--Add the radio widget player to their own blogs
55%--Hate auto-responders and email forwards from friends
54%--Spent more than 6 hours per month researching on Google

Attitudes, Values and Lifestyles
71%-----Read more than 5 printed books per month
78%-----Downloaded more than 10 books per month
63%-----Purchased books after listening to our radio show
53%-----Stated that price determined the purchase of ebooks
66%-----Gave books featured on the show as gifts
51%-----Joined book clubs online or Facebook groups
68%-----Purchase books for children or teen themed books
71%-----Favorite genre, Fiction
35%-----Favorite genre, Motivational
68%-----Favorite genre, Adult Content
49%-----Favorite genre, Non-fiction or poetry
89%-----Shop online weekly
14%-----Homemaker or stay at home parent
88%-----Spend more than $100.00 monthly for online entertainment
68%-----Married over 5 years
47%-----Single, without children
67%-----Single, but with children
82%-----In Committed relationship
68%-----Teenage children in the home
47%-----Caregiver to aging parent or relative



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