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I Stand Accused
by Monica Frazier Anderson (Dr. Moe)

ISBN-10: 097863781X
ISBN-13: 978-0978637811

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Deep in the heart of Jefferson, Texas lies the secret to the mysterious nightmares tormenting James Adams, a handsome, successful eye doctor. As the eldest of nine children, he has been the head of the family since the brutal murder of his womanizing father during his senior year of high school. He thought he put that day and his difficult childhood behind him when he left his hometown. Now, his siblings are grown and everyone is dysfunctional except James--he thinks--until chance reunites him with his sexy, high school sweetheart, Tracy. Along with Tracy, comes a host of problems. A scorned woman starts rumors about his sexuality because she doesn't believe he's really celibate.

His mother begins dating a man he doesn't approve of and one of his brothers is arrested on serious charges. While James struggles to balance the demands of his family, work, and Tracy, the past comes knocking--threatening his future. Encouraged by his best friend,
certified playa and cosmetics consultant, Ren Kinney, James steps into a risky mental maze of love and lies to discover what really happened the day his daddy died.


About the Author
Monica Frazier Anderson is a motivational speaker, humorist, and Doctor of Dental Surgery. She is the author of four books, including Essence Magazine bestseller, "When A Sistah's FED UP." She lives in Texas.

All That Glitters
by D. L. Sparks

ISBN-10: 0979975743
ISBN-13: 978-0979975745

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If the wrong opportunity came along at the right time....what would you do?? Santee Mitchell seems to keep coming up short in life. At least that's how it seems in her mind. Growing up she constantly played second best to her older sister Sonya, and in adulthood, the patterned
painfully continues. She's stuck with a two-timing, drug-dealing boyfriend, while her sister lucked up and hooked a professional ball player.

Her money is always running short, when it ran at all. The last straw comes in the form of an eviction notice coupled with an ill-timed pregnancy. Determined to turn her luck around, as well as put some money in the bank, Santee turns to her best friend Monique and is
immediately hypnotized by the sparkle of her diamond encrusted world. But what she doesn't realize is that help from Monique comes with a price. A price that not even Santee is willing to pay. Haunted by a fire that still burns for her ex and driven by a wanton lust for a trick turned savior, Santee's plan starts to unravel and it may be too late to right her wrongs when Monique turns up dead and she is fingered for the gruesome crime; revealing a secret that changes her forever and forcing her to look for answers in the one place she's tried to avoid - inside herself.

Eleven Months of Hell
by China Ball

ISBN-10: 0981516408
ISBN-13: 978-0981516400

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After joining the military and trying to escape from humble beginnings, Mercedes decide to take night classes to while in the military overseas in Nea Makri Greece. Her intentions were to do her two year tour of duty and take as many classes as she could. But things
changed when she met a charming but dysfunctional Air force Sergeant. Fred, the Air force Sergeant has more issues and drama than Mercedes as was aware of. But it was too late; she had fallen in love with the Sargent. Mercedes eventually got her degree, but only after
much drama and heartache. Mercedes moves on with her life and along the way she meet the most colorful, but loyal friends that help get through 11 months of hell. This book touches on several social issues of today, such as addiction, alternative life styles and promiscuous behavior, just to name a few.

About the Author
China Ball is a native of Richmond, Virginia and began her love of writing at 3 years old when her mother first put a pen and paper in her hand to entertain her. She is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, and has spent her career in the U.S. Postal Service, and federal government. China received her bachelors of arts degree from Norfolk State University, and her masters of public administration degree at Central Michigan University. She currently lives with her fiancÚ and son in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Bad Girls Finish First
by Sheila Dansby Harvey

ISBN-10: 0758208243
ISBN-13: 978-0758208248

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With law school behind her, this sexy, sinful seductress has graduated to bigger--and badder--things...

Raven Holloway has gone from heartbreaker to bona fide homewrecker. No sooner did she extract herself from a messy, not to mention illegal "situation" at school, than she managed to steal a Texas Senator from his devoted wife. But she's just getting started...

Having convinced her new husband to run for governor--which will make her Texas's First Lady--nothing's going to stop Raven from getting what she wants, no matter who she has to step on, sleep with, or double cross. It's a long chain of fools that includes the senator's very own chief aide--a man with plenty to hide....

Her pathway to success strewn with seductions, betrayals, and bribes, the future looks bright--except for the troubling matter of Raven's past. Her greatest fear is that her involvement in the unfortunate fate of her fellow student, ex-lover and partner-in-crime, Omar Faxton, will be discovered. And she's right to worry, because her dirty little secret is about to fall into the worst possible hands...

One Ain't Enough
by MoFlames

ISBN-10: 0981505902
ISBN-13: 978-0981505909

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Derrik is the perfect man for Desiree, but his best friend is Troy a famous NFL player that she loved and almost married years ago. Derrik captures Desiree's heart, but she is still hypnotized by Troy s swagger and strung out on his back-breaking sex. Derrik brings love and stability, but her body wants the relentless passion that Troy brings. Being discrete is her only option because she is married to Jamal a handsome doctor that spends too much time away from home.

She refuses to cheat, but her options look good. And that s only where the drama begins. Add Troy s unhappy marriage to an aspiring diva, Jamal being caught in a love triangle that does not include Desiree, and the in-your-face opinions of Desiree's best friend and you have the makings of a nuclear bomb. Can you handle uncut drama? Well, prepare to overdose on ONE AIN'T ENOUGH, the scandalous debut of Mo Flames. .