The Red Hat Legacy Mixer

Gifted Passions: Learn to Love Your Life!

Networking Lunch & Healing Workshop 
Location:  MadlyLiving, Bed and Breakfast 
Sunday, June 9, 2013  |  Time: 1pm - 7pm EST

Special Guest Speakers   
Leonard Pitts Jr.,  Julie Williamson, Author Terri D, 
Monda Webb, Monica Mathis Stowe, Candice Camille, Sharon Lucas, Ella D. Curry and Matthew Horne

Calling All Phenomenal Women
a catalyst for change  and growth is here!  Where in the world can you go and know that YOUR GIFTED PASSIONS - your talents, your worth, and your entire being are appreciated, celebrated and showcased in a soul-filled calming space?  It happens everyday at MadlyLiving with Candice Camille!  Whether your passion or your business - ultimately one and the same - have the potential to become a dream or a purpose fulfilled, you will enjoy the journey!  Join Ella Curry and the MadLiving team for a day of rest, peace, and healing  Sunday, June 9, 2013.  Gather your sister friends and join the fun at MadlyLiving!

More importantly, we would like for Bookclub Members, Aspiring Authors, Entrepreneurs and Professionals to please attend the
Red Hats Network Mixer to learn how to break through the walls of  shame, denial and silence that surrounds some of the most pervasive, but under addressed areas in the African America community. Such as: the loss of hope in our teens, colorism, job discrimination, financial literacy, the effects of obesity, rape and un-disclosed incest on our mental health and  the lack of mental illness awareness/ treatment in our community.
We are calling on women like you to share their story of how they overcame obstacles in life, to heal, forgive and move forward and upwards. If there are women in the community that need our guidance and support, while pursuing their dreams, we invite them all to join us for this day of enlightenment and education.  With your support, we can continue to educate ourselves and other women in the community!  The better choices we can all make in the pursuit of healthier lives...the better we can serve our families, businesses and community! Consider involving others by bringing at least 3 friends to the Red Hats Network Mixer with you! 

Unity!  Sisterhood!  Empowerment!  We are coming together to discuss real life issues and the pressures of being a Black Woman, Business Owner and/or Author. You are invited to a brunch and several mini-workshops that will allow you to speak candidly of personal experiences and the results of living your dreams. Please take about 20 minutes and read this entire page.  Ella Curry, owner of  Black Pearls Magazine Online, tried to provide as much information as possible on the event,  the company hosting the event and our mission to educate and heal in 2013. 


* Who Should Attend:  Mompreneurs, educators, coaches, bookclubs, make-up artists, journalists, new authors, poets, painters, consultants, musicians, entrepreneurs, personal trainers, financial, health & fitness advisors and all female business professionals. Come out and network in the tastefully appointed rooms of MadlyLiving with positive, upwardly mobile women and business owners!  No one under 18 allowed, due to the nature of the conversation and the experiences that will be shared during the workshop.




Networking Lunch & Healing Workshop 
Location: MadlyLiving, Bed and Breakfast 
Sunday, June 9, 2013 
Time: 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm EST
11961 Autumnwood Lane
Fort Washington, MD  20744
Check out the venue:  

MENU - Red Hat Legacy Lunch 

Salad: Mixed Green Salad with Strawberries

Main Course: Grilled Chicken Breast
Rice Pilaf and Grilled Mixed Vegetables

Dessert: Variety of Mixed Desserts and Rolls
Seasonal fruits, variety of cheese and Godiva Chocolates

Beverges:  Wine;  Coffee/Tea;  Water or Cold Drink of Choice

Menu subject to change based on the caterer's selection

The Perfect Sisters-Day-In Event!

Attire: Red Hats;  Red Clothing;  Business Casual

Fee per guest:  
$110.00 for 6-hour retreat with lunch and workshops
Fee per vendor: $150.00 for 5-hour display table, panelist opportunity and lunch

Group Discount for 5 Attendees:  $520.00 for the group of 5 purchasing one ticket.
Each participant receives a 15-minute private Q&A with Ella Curry, Social Media Strategist

* Fee includes:  A 15-minute private Q&A with Ella Curry,  Stand UP and Stand OUT marketing seminar, BetterU 12 Week Health Program, access to the Souls of Black Women health and healing workshop, light meal & snacks, 3 new printed books, 1 spa treatment, and a Go Red Reusable Soho Tote bag, all for the amazing price of  $110.00 per person.  Note: the books are from all genres and are for review purposes. The reader does not get to select the books in the tote bags. One tote per guest.  

Organized and Hosted by Ella Curry, President of EDC Creations
Black Pearls Magazine Online-Founder
Black Authors Network Radio-Founder
Social Media Strategist - Internet Publicist - Branding Coach



Stand UP and Stand OUT Marketing 

Hosted Ella Curry, President EDC Creations Media

Activity:  2-Hour Intensive Group Seminar on the tools and trends of Internet and Social Media Marketing. Each guest will come away with the four most critical elements of obtaining success in any marketing campaign. 

There will never be a shortage of great ideas. There will always be a shortage of people who act on them. -- Tweet from Charlie Wollborg 

Do you have all the tools necessary to succeed in business?  This element of the
Red Hats Network Mixer  is a hands-on, marketing seminar where you will develop a confidence about using Internet tools and learn the specific strategies necessary for making a successful Internet presence in any business. Ella will answer those tough questions that authors and business owners might have about conducting business on the Internet.

This will be the FIRST time ever that Ella Curry has offered her one-on-one services for less than $350 per hour!  Each guest will have time to "pick Ella's brain" on Internet marketing and social media networking. Scroll down for the full break down for the seminar and the topics discussed.

Bringing Pride To African American Literature & Business!

Introduction to Stand UP and Stand OUT Marketing Seminar

Hosted Ella Curry, President EDC Creations Media: 
A 2-Hour Intensive seminar on the tools and trends in Internet and Social Media Marketing. Each guest will come away with the four most critical elements of guaranteeing success in any marketing campaign. This element of the Red Hat event is a hands-on, marketing seminar where you will develop a confidence about using Internet tools and learn the specific strategies necessary for establishing a successful Internet presence in any business. Ella Curry will answer those tough questions that authors and business owners might have about conducting business on the Internet, engaging new followers and turning this into revenue.

Topics Discussed:
1. Preserving our heritage in the 21st Century
2. The tools of mass web communication
3. Celebrating the written word our way
4. Using technology in the spirit of Sankofa
5. Creating a road map for the future with digital resources
6. How to Become Your Own Publicist
7. Time Management Tools for the Busy Mompreneur

Presented by Ella Curry, President of EDC Creations Media Group. One of the largest databases of African American readers and authors in the publishing industry. At EDC Creations, our goal is to inspire communicators and readers by giving them the tools to spread the word about quality literature! Visit our website today for more details. EDC Website:  Each guest will receive a 15-minute private Q&A with Ella Curry.  EDC Listen to a sample coaching session from the EDC Creations Media,  New Year events 2012: 




Purchase Tickets Here for the Red Hat Network Mixer  


When purchasing event tickets or vending tables from EDC Creations, you may submit your payment below with your credit or debit cards. Sorry, we do not accept eChecks. Any of our services can be purchased from this page. Bring your printed receipt (email) to the door for admission.  NO admissions without the printed receipt or letter from Ella D. Curry.  No payments at the door!  First come-first served.  No refunds unless the event is cancelled by Ella Curry.  Lunch starts promptly at 1pm, please try to be just a little early so we can say a prayer and start on time!  All ticket sales end  Monday, May 20, 2013.  No extensions or additions after May 21 at 8 am EST.

Submit your full payment below.  Merely, type in the amount you are paying. You will be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction. Please scroll toward the bottom of the PayPal page and fill out the form completely.  You do not need to setup a PayPal account to use a credit card.  We will contact you at the EXACT email address that was used to make the PayPal payment. Check this email account within 24 hours of payment for our response.  If you have questions, submit them to Ella Curry at: Someone will reply back within 48 hours via email or a phone call, if the number is provided..

Enter amount of the ticket or package below:

Payments Through Paypal

Vendors please arrive at 12:00 noon to setup your tables.  Please DO NOT bring huge signs and banners. Your space is limited!  Each vending slot comes with a uncovered table and ONE chair.  All helpers and assistants will have to purchase the full ticket BEFORE attending the event. Tickets will not be sold at the door. Open flames, cooked foods, pornographic materials and children or not allowed. Bring enough change to accommodate your customers. Bring extension cords for credit cards machines. Vendor table sharing is NOT allowed.  Each vendor will have a 15 minute Q&A with Ella Curry to discuss moving upwards in 2013.  All vendors will sit on the panel discussions during the event to share their stories. If you bring your own tablecloth, please bring a black one to match the event's decor. 

Red Hat Workshop and Seminar Details

The moment I made peace with who I am, my eyes were opened to all that I could be. 
Quoted from Dean Jackson

We're Celebrating YOU!  
Each year thousands of people — educators, concerned parents, community leaders, authors, poets and publishers — devote their time and resources to presenting consumers with great books and products!  We want to showcase those talents and products with our guests.  The Red Hats Network Mixer 
is geared toward
reaching and engaging generations of African-American women with discussions about beauty, their relationships, life choices and self-esteem.  As Black women, we want you to exercise your right to define and promote our own standards in society.  Let your voices be heard!  Through the workshops and panel discussions we hope to  encourage each of you to get involved in literacy, health initiatives,  and  advocacy.

Recognizing that success, awareness and self-confidence are intrinsically linked, the workshop topics listed below were created to ignite group conversation about the way we are reflected in society as women of color. We will discuss how we can each serve as the catalyst,  for a movement to initiate positive change in the media and our communities.  Together we can represent the past, present and future of Black women and all women of color!  If you agree, please join us  and bring 3-5 friends to share the day.

Let's Talk About It!
Do you find conversations about skin color, your weight or your career comfortable or uncomfortable?  Are you thriving emotionally, sexually, spiritually, financially, etc.?  Are you doing work that fulfills you?  What adjustments do you need to make in your actions and thinking to get on the path to your better life?  This is a
celebration of African-American beauty and our gifts in all of its manifestations!  Join the movement; join the conversation.

Please know that what’s said in the meetings...stays in the meetings!  All points of view, opinions and advice will be heard and respected.  WE  encourage each guest to open up enought to share their story from a place of power and sisterhood!  The idea is to help others who might be dealing with the same obstacles or challenges the group has overcome. We pray that each guest leaves this event with productive tools and a mind set on giving and receiving their best to themselves and others.

* A New Brand, A New You: Activate the Dream
Panel Discussion with Featured Vendors:  What images, myths and stereotypes of Black women in the media are concern to you?  What challenges in business have you overcome?  Have you dealt with a relationship that stunned or delayed your success?   As a interactive group, we will spend 2 hours sharing tips and advice helping to transform your message, ministry, outlook on life and health awareness. As a team, we will help you get out of your own way and stop blocking those blessings!  You all have a gift, talent or story and we are here to celebrate it!

* Stand UP, Stand Out: Make Fit a Lifestyle
The first 5 months of the year is symbolic of a new start. Most of us created new resolutions or started new life plans.  How many of you have kept up those plans?  Well it's time to "get completely fit" by joining other sisters in discussing financial health, mental health, and spiritual health!  It's time to move forward and set new goals that are workable.  We will conduct mini-workshops on the following topics to start the process. Each guest will be asked to share her story, tips and advice with the group.  

Mini-workshop topics of discussion:
•  Our Plates Are Killing Us: Black Women and Obesity 
•  How to Tell a Leap of Faith from a Stupid Decision 
•  What Every Woman Needs to Know by Age 30 & 40

•  Truth about Women, Mental Health and Self-Esteem
•  Rock Your Style, Talent & Beauty Secrets
•  Women Feeling Secure in Relationships
•  Financial Security - Establish a "Peace of Mind" Fund 

Your Actions Do Make A Difference!

* Our Hearts. Our Choice. Choose a BetterU. 
Each guest receives a Go Red Reusable Soho Shopper Tote and the American Heart Association BetterU 
12 Week Health Program.  Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, that’s why fighting it needs to be our No. 1 priority. We dedicate this session to one of our fallen sisters author Miranda Parker-Dee Stewart.

Go Red BetterU courses provide guidance to help transform your overall health from the inside out. You’ll learn smart strategies and gain new information on improving and maintaining your health, along with the encouragement and advice of online coaches. Each week will focus on a different area to follow for a complete heart makeover. Live longer and stronger by taking 12 weeks to invest in your health.

Keep your finger on the pulse of our efforts to raise awareness for women's heart disease.  Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women – mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends – and is more deadly than all forms of cancer combined.  We will discuss the stats below and how we can become heart healthy

•  An estimated 43 million women in the U.S. are affected by heart disease.
•  Ninety percent of women have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease.
•  Heart disease causes one in three women’s deaths each year, killing approximately one woman every minute.

Meet  Ella D. Curry  
Ella D. Curry is the president of EDC Creations Media Group. She brings more than twenty-three years of PR and marketing experience to clients in film, music, publishing and corporate event planning. Her expertise, as well as her love for all things literary has earned her a reputation as a respected leader in the publishing/marketing industry. 

Widely recognized as a leading expert on African American Internet book promotion she is asked to speak and/or moderate panels at literary events and conferences across the nation. Her client list reads like the Who's Who Elite of publishing and with good reason!  Ella uses the latest technology and proven business models to create golden success behind every project and book she launches into the world!

EDC Creations is the parent company of the Sankofa Literary Society, the Black Authors Network Radio Show and Black Pearls Magazine. The Sankofa Literary Society empowers independent and/or self-published authors through mentoring programs. The popular Black Authors Network radio program offers new authors a chance to showcase their books to thousands of readers weekly. Black Pearls Magazine, is a online literary destination for thousands bookclubs and social network fans around the globe.

As the host of award-winning BAN Radio Show and editor of  Black Pearls Magazine, Ella Curry has interviewed award winning authors, celebrated journalists, and community leaders such as: the legendary Dr. Maya Angelou, Alexis M. Herman former U.S. Secretary of Labor, The View's Emmy award-winning co-host Sherri Shepherd, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Leonard Pitts Jr.,  New York Times bestselling authors Walter Mosley, Kimberla Lawson Roby, Mary Frances Berry,  Winter Ramos, Mary B. Morrison, Carl Weber, Wahida Clark and Mary Monroe.

In addition to interviewing change agents, she has showcased such top selling authors as:   Dr. Daniel Black, Dr. Cornell West, Paula Giddings, Haki R. Madhubuti, Marita Golden, Dr. Lakesia D. Johnson, Sonia Sanchez, social activists Dr. Dorothy Irene Height and Jayne Cortez,  social psychologist Wade W. Nobles, Olympian Devon Harris, children's book author Eloise Greenfield, and Dr. Bernard Walker former astronaut. 

While providing media coverage for  the Congressional Black Caucus Author's Pavilion and Book Expo America for the last 5 years, Ella has found that interviewing profound community leaders, shaped her own life and business.  She has interviewed and learned from:  Dr. Julianne Malveaux, political commentator and 15th president of Bennett College,  award-winning journalist Gwen Ifill,  Dr. Brenda Greene, Exec. Dir. of the Center for Black Literature, Medgar Evers College, Annette Gordon-Reed, and American historian and Harvard Law School professor, and Lynn Richardson, the The Mortgage Guru and leader of MC Lyte's Hip Hop Sisters Foundation.

Ella Curry has also interviewed award-winning actors and actresses such as Hill Harper, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, Dakota Fanning, Tristan Wilds, Tanya Wright, Tyrese Gibson, Bern Nadette Stanis, Pam Grier, Winter Ramos of Love & Hip-Hop NY and international, motivational speaker Lisa Nichols from the Secret DVD. She has also been honored with interviews with musical artists
jazz great Ron Carter,  Ledisi, MC Lyte,  and the celebrated drummer Cora Coleman-Dunham. 

Ms. Curry lives in Maryland with daughter. When she's not working, she loves to travel, write short stories, and chatting in Internet groups with her international group of friends. As her entrepreneurial spirit guides the way upward, she continues to involve herself in challenging, life enhancing projects. If you would like more information or have comments, you may reach her via email at: