EDC Creations Retainer Based Services          
Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel as if you are being left behind? Want to get more publicity for your book, publishing house, small business, online radio show, etc.?  Let us do the foot work and you focus on the creative side of business!  You are not alone, there are people here to chart your course.  Once a base package is purchased, the owner can decide if we should continue to maintain the service, update the social networks and keep readers up to date. Read this entire page for an overview of the different programs we offer. Email us with any questions at:

We are here to do as little or as much as you need us to do!  Read this entire page for an overview of the services we offer and our commitment to our clients success.

EDC Creations offers complete marketing assistance. No business is too small or too large to benefit from partnering with us. Hiring a public relations firm for your project is the right thing to do! You need to have a professional who can create the right professional image for you and your company. 

We work on your media presentation, building your brand, increasing your territory, connecting you with the  "go to people",  creating online speaking events for you, and everything else required to get the publicity you deserve. We work on monthly retainer or by established project contracts. Digital and social media have fundamentally changed how we do business and connect with our target consumers.  Don't get left behind by not seeking professional help. We are here for you, committing to unparalleled service for each client. We are stakeholders in your future too!  

Led by industry veteran Ella Curry, EDC Creations offers cutting edge technology and the most innovative strategies, all to present each of our clients as a expert in their field!  EDC Creations and its partners are proud to provide authors with the most comprehensive selection of Web 3.0 marketing and promotional services in the industry today. 

Below, you will find the various programs and services that we have put together to help you create a buzz and ultimately generate demand for your book, service or business. The base prices for setup are listed. The monthly retainer fees, to keep the program going, will be negotiated. The retainer fee is based on the level of service provided,  starting at $600.00 per month.

Listed below are four retainer based campaigns. Explore each one to find the best fit:
Ellington-950.00   |    Langston-1,800.00   |     Wheatley-2,800.00    |    Zora-5,500.00

Why EDC Creations

 EDC Creations has evolved from a one-person event planning operation to one of the nation's leading African American woman owned, Internet publicity and book promotion firms. Ella Curry, the owner, has spent years studying, researching and creating relationships with publishing industry professionals as well as forging a unique bond with the foundation of the publishing world— the avid readers. 

While our expansion from boutique event planning and brand consultant agency to a multi-faceted public relations firm has greatly expanded the directory of our services and recognition, the fundamental driving force behind everything we do is a dedication to improve literacy, establish our clients as leaders and to expand the literary territory of our clients. Adding a 360 degree view of the industry is easy, Ella has been a bookstore buyer for the legendary Karibu Books book chain, literary director for A Good Books independent bookstore, award winning Internet radio host, digital magazine publisher, corporate event planner and avid reader for 35 years.

Why We Care

Fantastic and memorable branding is the product of a clear vision, and nobody knows more about vision than authors and small business owners. But, with limited resources, creating a brand identity and delivering it to the media can be tricky. Fortunately, building brand awareness on the Internet doesn't need to take a lot of money or resources, but it requires a strong foundation, a good plan and a invest of your time. 

EDC Creations has several marketing options to help you chart your course into branding YOU and your company. If you are a new business owner, small publishing house, or a published author—you will benefit greatly from becoming part of the EDC Creations Network! 

Let us help you take your company to the top of the heap. Let us take you to where the savvy 21 century consumer now lives– online. We want our voices to be heard from the highest peaks. Literature, poetry, art, and music all define us as a people and leave a remarkable legacy! We feel as if it's our job to help you become a part of history! 



What is Publicity? 

Marketing is the process of creating awareness of and interest in your message, company, books, or services, which can lead to various levels of publicity. At its core, publicity is the simple act of making a suggestion to the media, bookclubs or foundations that leads to the inclusion of a company or product in a a featured position.  Newspapers, magazines, TV programs and Radio producers have large amounts of space to fill and rely upon publicists to help provide content, speakers, authors, poets, hot topics, story ideas, interview subjects, background information and other material. 

A strong brand and web presence can go a long way in gaining valuable publicity. An author's brand is the associations readers/media have with the author's platform, writing skills, message, how he/she does business, how their books will live in the minds of the reader long after "the end."  A solid brand goes beyond what you can see and touch, real, tangible aspects. Your brand also includes: punctuality, tenacity, community recognition, appearance and your generosity.  It is important to realize that the brand exists in the minds of the customer; in other words, who they perceive you to be. 

EDC Creations helps you define this illustrious brand, enforcing this brand by giving your audience a unique promise of quality and in the deliverance of your message. At the heart of our promotions lie blogging, micro-blogging, social networking, video blogging, forum building, book club participation and community outreach all used to spread your brand and bring in publicity. We help you create the  mysterious  " buzz" that will get you noticed!  

What is Public Relations? 
Public Relations is a broader field that encompasses publicity, but also includes such things as investor relations, crisis communications, special events and sponsorships, and other activities designed to mold opinion.   EDC Creations specializes in creating Internet Publicity for authors, small business owners, and publishing houses. Our publicity team begins each publicity campaign with a strategic brainstorming session to discuss competitive titles, author positioning, campaign messaging, potential target markets, target media, and tactical marketing and promotions timelines. With this input, we formulate a comprehensive, strategic plan and budget, that guides the course of the entire publicity campaign. Each client is provided a publicity plan and a marketing plan for their book or business.  Our flat fee packages are listed here for your review.

EDC Creations can be hired on retainer to act as your virtual assistant, publicist, arranging interviews, syndicating your work, promoting your books across the Internet, coaching authors on the most effective ways to reach their target audience and secure media presentations for the book. Contact us today to discuss your company's plan to increase your brand awareness and viral marketing. We will work with one author or as many as 10 authors at one time!


Full-Service  Publicity  Campaigns

When it comes to idea generation and strategy development, we explore opportunities across all media formats – Internet media, traditional print, radio, television, and RSS feed syndication – to create a viral marketing campaign for each project and to establish strong platforms for our clients, that will last long after our campaign ends. On the Internet things can live forever...or close to it!

Our full-service publicity campaigns incorporate traditional  and Internet media contacts at the local, regional and national levels. Our publicity campaigns typically range from two to six months. However, we have the ability to tailor our campaigns to each author or publishers’ unique requirements. 

The campaign timeline recommended for each project depends on our plan to move forward.   EDC Creations will review and implement a personalized, social media cross-marketing strategy, that includes email database campaigns, branding enforcement, increasing revenue stream opportunities, and the creation of online blog tours and e-newsletter campaigns.

Listed below are four retainer based campaigns. Explore each one to find the best fit:
Ellington-950.00   |    Langston-1,800.00   |     Wheatley-2,800.00    |    Zora-5,500.00

Campaign Management
An online book marketing and PR campaign requires a high level of dedication on the part of the client. Establishing quality communication with the PR team, that ultimately reflects your unique voice, will be essential. Our communication skills, combined with our loyal partnerships, are the tools that will build massive followings and long-term relationships for our clients and their readers. 

A variety of cutting-edge strategies will be used daily to continuously build a strong brand, pinpoint your target audience and to connect you with people interested in your message. These activities are focused on building a loyal following of people who will purchase your products or services and tell others to do the same. Every client we work with is unique, it has it's own voice and message, so every client deserves a unique campaign. If you have more questions or would like a 30-minute coaching session, please email us at:  We welcome your business!

EDC Creations Payment Center
When purchasing products or services from EDC Creations, you may submit your payment below with your credit or debit cards. Sorry, we do not accept eChecks.  Submit your payment below, for any amount.  You will be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction. Please scroll toward the bottom of the PayPal page and fill out the form completely. Include the name and description of the package you are purchasing.  
A representative will contact you within 24-36 hours, via email.

Enter Package Amount:

Payments Through Paypal

Note: A representative will email you at the PayPal address that you made the payment from with further instructions. If this PayPal address is not your main email address, make sure you check out that account for our message. Service will begin after the transaction are completed and all checks cleared. Thank you for contacting us to help you promote your book or business to new levels. No refunds once service starts. All deposits are non-refundable.  


Lift as We Climb Promotions

Multi-media Promotional Campaigns starting at 650.00

Want to promote your book to the online media? Where can you get up to date, email addresses for the media? Where can you get the latest news on ways to promote to thousands from the comfort of your home?   At EDC Creations, that's where! We've assembled three great public relations tools for getting publicity on the web and offline. Our services cover a wide spectrum of public relations activities, including brand development, media relations, media training, and media tour execution.  

EDC Creations is a virtual public relations firm dedicated to providing incomparable professional book promotion services, while partnering with our clients to help sustain their competitive edge, increase their visibility and build their brand. We have provided premier book publicity, marketing and promotion services to small business owners, authors and publishers as well as outstanding public relations services for entrepreneurs, non-profits, radio host and other publishing professionals.

Our Web 3.0 marketing approach and commitment to high levels of communication are important to our results-driven publicity services. Our methods add value to the reader's live as well as increase the Internet presence of the client. We market the talking points and ideas to the widest possible audience of online readers and web media contacts, in order to create a virtual presence that generates new publicity and ongoing exposure. The benefits of your work lasts long after their media campaigns have ended.  For more questions about the Social Media  Tours, please email us here.

There are thousands of book released each year. In order for an author to rise above the competition, an author must develop its brand and platform, then deliver that message with great decorum to the public in a way in which it resonates; add value to their lives, while developing a lasting, positive relationship with the reading public and publishing leaders.  You will draw more readers to you—if you can uplift them, move their spirit and share a little bit of you, in your presentations. We have four multi-media packages that will open a window to your world!  Check out these fabulous services for the multi-media driven campaigns, by clicking here.



Ellington Content Syndication Setup - $950.00 setup
*Maintenance 170.00  per month, optional

Feeling overwhelmed? Let EDC Creations free up your time to write! RSS feed content syndication allows you to be in thousands of places at one time.  You submit your material to us one time and we syndicate it to your network while you manage your creative efforts. No more overwhelming late nights or early mornings catching up on social media networking. You have fun with your fans and we keep them informed!

This service increases your:

• Product visibility 
• Brand appreciation
• Search engine rankings
• Status as a top-selling author
• Time spent creating vs. posting
• Integration platform-- bridging your social marketing sites
• Integration of social RSS feeds into your blog and newsroom

Our goal is to use RSS feeds to positively affect your search engines rankings; thus increasing your position and web presence by 100%.   We help you to define your brand, target your ideal customer and research where they shop, socialize and seek entertainment. With consistent updating and remarkable content we can get readers to transition from reading about you to actually buying from you. First, they need to know that you are out there with this awesome product!

Taking advantage of the increased exposure of social media demands time and energy; it requires constant maintenance and participation. If you don't have the time, let us take over for you. EDC Creations specializes in working with authors and entrepreneurs on content syndication projects. If you are an author, coach,  poet, radio show host or professional blogger looking to get your product or information in front of millions, then content syndication is exactly what you need!  


 Unwrapped Lit®  Pre-publication Tour - $1,850.00 setup

A new publishing paradigm has been unleashed on to society by a dramatic technological revolution. Readers are  now living in an increasingly diverse, globalized, and complex, media-saturated society. Books are now found on the Nook, the Kindle and other digital readers with ease. You can download books to your iPhone  apps and read book reviews from your cell-phones. The digital age is here and we all have to embrace it and maximize our exposure using these advance marketing and publishing tools.

Social media marketing, networking and branding all help to create celebrities out of speakers and authors!  We have created a tour that takes the author across the social networking landscape sharing with readers the journey of an author, the platform behind the book and providing the reader with an memorable experience.  All from the comfort of their homes!

Capture the imagination of your readers with a professionally prepared social media tour. If you're ready to start driving traffic to your website then our social networking  program is perfect for you. We'll utilize the massive traffic of our existing Web 3.0 Social Network Partners to spread the word about your book.  We syndicate your First Chapter, articles, book commercial and written interviews to 150 social network sites, blogs and Internet Radio Shows. We will serve as your ghost blogger, virtual assistant and sales representative, spreading your content across the web. We will set up the accounts and maintain the content. This is perfect to launch a new book or product months before the release!

Our goal is to develop product awareness and spark word-of-mouth publicity.  
The Unwrapped Lit® Social Networking Pre-pub Campaign utilizes technology to increase web exposure on popular social networking , connecting you to readers and the media. A study by Knowledge Networks found that between 10% and 24% of US social media users turned to social networks when making purchase decisions about various categories of products and services. 
(Quote from

You should have your product displayed across the social media landscape too! 
Let's us be your guide, as we offer a variety of Web 3.0 services for your book or business needs from new book pre-publication promotions, event planning, virtual author assistance, and social media marketing, ghost blogging and content syndication.    

Zora Full  Book Publicity Package- $5,500.00 setup

This is a full-scale 3 month marketing package that’s sure to get you noticed globally.

Let EDC Creations free up your time to write! We will serve as your ghost blogger, virtual assistants or sales representative, in order to spread your content across the web.  You submit your material to us one time and we syndicate it to your network while you flex your creative efforts. No more overwhelming late nights or early mornings catching up on social media networking. You have fun with your fans, slow down and read the paper  and we keep the world  informed!

 We will establish all the Internet accounts and populate each profile to resemble mini-websites;  each account populated completely with all of your book details, articles, multi-media displays and widgets. The author is given full control and ownership of the accounts. 

Monthly we provide reports of our postings and we will forward your login information and coaching on how to use the sites.  We take over the full campaign for the first 3 months of the book.  The team will establish the foundation and create all the promotional material before publication. 

The actual promotion will start 6 months before the book hits the shelves. We will continue to offer follow up with email  support for 30 days after the campaign ends.  The base price for setup is listed. The monthly retainer fees, to keep the program going, will be negotiated. The fee is based on the level of service provided.

This package  increases your:
• Product visibility 
• Brand appreciation
• Search engine rankings
• Status as a top-selling author
• Time spent creating vs. posting
• Integration platform bridging your social marketing sites
• Integration of social RSS feeds into your blog and newsroom

Publicity Plan:  8 Point Online Publicity Junket
This part of the tour will  introduce you to the media and readers in the 8 steps listed below.

1. Email Marketing— includes Eblasts, Book Excerpts and Interview Syndication
2. Blogging—  including Podcasting, Video Blogging & Micro-Blogging
3. Social Media Networking— socializing on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, IG and Linkedin
4. Forum Building— syndicating Articles and Opening Conversations
5. Online Advertising— with Major Literary Service Providers
6. Online PR— pitching to  Bookclubs, HARO and Media Advisories
7. Internet Book  and Radio Tour— .mp3 commercial syndication and blog tour
8. EDC Creations Literary Trunk Shows— Ella Curry travels with books to events

Syndicated Blog System

We create your blog and set up a system so that it creates a mass push to the public via RSS Feed. The author has the potential to reach millions with every post! The blog or fanpage is connected to a 4 point system that ties in readers and the media using the most popular bookmarking sites, blog directories and RSS feed aggregators. During our personal coaching sessions, we instruct the author on how to maintain this system and explain what all terms associated mean. There are additional services offered by EDC Creations to maintain the system for the client. 

Direct Email Marketing 
Eblasts, video and audio postcards, digital events listings, banners and written interviews will be broadcast to EDC Creations database of readers, more than 165,000. Your book will showcased to the Sankofa Literary Society which now includes 2 RSS feed newsletters, 4 popular social networks, a syndication blog system reaching potentially millions per month and 42 establish bookclubs that only read the SLS featured titles!

Database Management
With the creation of an email newsletter or a fanpage, we can capture the contact information of your fans and readers. It is essential to have a database to share your important up dates with in a timely manner. We help the author establish a online and offline means of staying connected to the readers and literary service providers. Coaching is provided on how to utilize technology on gather readers and newsletter subscribers. We create the mini-ebooks, contests or bonuses that generate a dynamic database.

EDC Creations Literary Trunk Shows
The tour also includes a spot in the EDC Creations literary trunk shows, where the book will be introduced to bookclubs and readers across the US at private meet and greet mixers. Ella Curry, president of EDC Creations travel to at least 20 events each year. During her speaking engagements or bookclub meetings, she showcases the client's books, videos and promotional material.  Your book is part of this trunk show. Here is a full listing of literary events across the country. 

Broadcast Services and Setup:
• 2- E-Blast to 165, 000 EDC Subscribers  with excerpts and interview
• 2- Page display in Printed and Digital Black Pearls Magazine
• 12- Hours of Book Coaching With Ebook Support
• Authors Toolbox Creation (pdf conversions, widgets, digital excerpts, ect.)
• Authors Online Media Center Creation 
• Complete RSS Feed Content Syndication Setup and Maintenance
• Publicity Plan and Viral Marketing Strategy Creation 
• Full Black Pearls Magazine Coverage
• Full Unwrapped Lit Campaign (book showcased at literary events)
• Full 7-day Virtual Book Tour with EDC Creations
• Q & A Displayed on 50 Social Media Discussion Boards and Sites
• First Chapter Promotion to 100 Social Media Discussion Boards and Sites
• Audio Book Presentations (3-first chapter; interview; character showcase)
• Audio Postcard Creation and Syndication
• BAN Radio Virtual Book Signing
• Banner Creation and Syndication 
• Book Club Contest Promotion and Webcast (pre-publication; book discussion)
• Book Displayed on EDC Creations Front Page Billboard Slideshow
• Book Video Creation and Syndication
• Books Sold in Both EDC Creations Online Bookstores
• Electronic Sell Sheet and Online Media Kit Creation
• Facebook Fanpage Creations with Friends Added
• Facebook Chat Showcase and Event eblast
• Featured author on Black Pearls Magazine Facebook profile
• Featured author in Black Pearls Magazine Newsletter
• Featured author in BAN Radio Show Newsletter
• Press Release Creation and Syndication to 10 sites
• Weekly Twitter Announcement of your book; linked to your site    
My Book is Coming Soon  E-blast to 165, 000 subscribers (20 days before release)
My Book is Available Now  E-blast to 165, 000 subscribers (day of public release)

The retainer services have a two month minimum in order to establish a strong foundation for each author and for the house. On this page, you will find the various programs and services that we have put together to help you create a buzz and ultimately generate demand for your book or business. The base price for setting up the program is listed. The monthly retainer fees, to keep the program going, will be negotiated. The retainer fee is based on the level of continued service by EDC Creations,  starting at $600.00 per month.

Our comprehensive book publicity campaigns include some or all of the listed available services, depending on your needs, book genre, target audience, and scope of the project.  If the author already has an item in place, we will enhance that item, not replace it. This package does not include personal website updates.  There is a 50% deposit required at signing and the remaining payments will be made in 2 installments. 


Additional Personalize Book Promotions

EDC Creations has come up with effective marketing solutions with reasonable budgets that allow the greatest amount of exposure of your poetry, memoir or other book, for the lowest possible cost. Listed below are our various marketing solutions.  Keep in mind that as your marketing consultant, we can customize ANY of these  services into a package that fits your vision. We can help you create the perfect publicity plan too.  Email us for a quote on customized retainer services and book promotion.  

Media and Marketing Promotional Services
::: Book Review Service
::: Marketing Plan Creation
::: Publicity Plan Creation
::: Press Material Syndication
::: Radio & TV Promotion Campaign
::: Print Media Promotion Campaign
::: Radio-TV Interview Coaching

Online Promotion Services
::: Social Network Campaign
::: Virtual Book and Business Tours
::: Blog Creation and Syndication
::: Email Marketing Campaign
::: Book Video Creation and Syndication
::: Book Club Webcasts
::: Virtual Book Release Parties
::: Video Seminars/ Webinars
::: Internet Marketing Coaching Sessions

Promotional Materials and Tools
::: Website Design Analysis
::: Marketing and Publicity Plan Creation
::: MySpace and Blog Creation
::: Video Marketing and Syndication
::: Printed Marketing Material Package
::: Media Kit Creation Printed and Electronic
::: Podcast Creation
::: Web 3.0 First Chapter Promotion
::: EDC Eblast Service
::: Audio Postcard Distribution
::: E-flyer Creation
::: e Book Promotion
::: Media and Book Club Distribution Lists
::: Effective Product Placement Opportunities
::: Custom Book Promotions Graphic Design