Social Networking Pre-publication Tour - $1, 850.00 setup

A new publishing paradigm has been unleashed on to society by a dramatic technological revolution. Readers are  now living in an increasingly diverse, globalized, and complex, media-saturated society. Books are now found on the Nook, the Kindle and other digital readers with ease. You can download books to your iPhone  apps and read book reviews from your cell-phones. The digital age is here and we all have to embrace it and maximize our exposure using these advance marketing and publishing tools.

Social media marketing, networking and branding all help to create celebrities out of speakers and authors!  We have created a tour that takes the author across the social networking landscape sharing with readers the journey of an author, the platform behind the book and providing the reader with an memorable experience.  All from the comfort of their homes!

Capture the imagination of  readers with a professionally prepared social media tour. 
If you're ready to start driving traffic to your website then our social networking  program is perfect for you. We'll utilize the massive traffic of our existing Web 3.0 Social Network Partners to spread the word about your book.  We syndicate your First Chapter, articles, book commercial and written interviews to 150 social network sites, blogs and Internet Radio Shows. We will serve as your ghost blogger, virtual assistants and sales representative, spreading your content across the web. We will set up the accounts and maintain the content. This is perfect to launch a new book months before the release! 

Our goal is to develop product awareness and spark word-of-mouth publicity.  
The Social Networking Pre-pub Campaign utilizes technology to increase web exposure on popular social networking , connecting you to readers and the media. The campaign lasts for 3 months. 

You should have your product displayed across the social media landscape too! 
Let's us be your guide, as we offer a variety of Web 3.0 services for your book or business needs from new book pre-publication promotions, event planning, virtual author assistance, and social media marketing, ghost blogging and content syndication. 

We will build your online connections, friends and followers by using your existing database of contacts, and by identifying groups and individuals who are interested in your message. The fundamental difference between social media marketing in this decade and traditional public relations of the past, is the ability to create an instant dialogue with your readers, leading to lasting relationships. Building relationships and not just adding "friends" on social media site, is key in utilizing social media marketing effectively. We provide the book  introduction, you provide the power to engage the readers! 


Virtual Media Tours for Authors and Poets

What is a virtual media tour? A virtual media tour is an advertising strategy centered on publicizing a book or business on the Internet, including placing ads on host Web sites, RSS feed syndication, stops at various blogs also social networks and media representation,  that gives your  target audience an intimate connection with YOU, your book and business.

Our virtual media tours will help you implement your marketing plan and increase your chances of garnering mainstream media coverage and increasing book sells. From drafting and distributing press releases, to creating your platform and brand, to following-up with media contacts, an EDC Creations tour organizer will work with you to promote your book and generate media interest. With more than 175 highly trafficked stops, radio shows and social networks available, we can help you successfully launch a national or targeted marketing campaign. We will reach the readers where they live, work and socialize!

We start each virtual tour with an hour long coaching session. We help the author to answer these crucial questions about their marketing campaign.

  • How should I set up my marketing budget?
  • How do I create a promotional schedule?
  • How can I identify and reach my book's target audience?
  • How can I establish myself as an expert?
  • How can I use the Internet to promote my book?
  • What can I do to create a buzz in the media?
  • How can book signings and sales to non-book retailers help me find readers?
  • How can I use press releases to let people know about my book?

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Getting Started:  Building Social Media Foundation
•  We work with the author to establish their marketing budget; coach the author on creating a publicity plan and timeline; help the author determine who their target audience is to be and what tools we are going to use to reach them online. 

•  Every author needs a blog or fanpage to engage their readers. Blogs help to increase your visibility in search engine rankings. We customize your blog, add all the important elements and train you on how to effectively use the platform and tools surrounding the blog or fanpage. If you have a fanpage already, we will update it to showcase your new promotional items.

•  Readers need to "feel" you. Each author creates audio presentations (podcasts) of them discussing the book, reading from the book and sharing the journey to publication. The podcasts become book introduction commercials for syndication to other networks.

•  Video marketing has become a popular tool in book promotion. We establish your video chatroom and will host your meetings with your fans. We also create a video commercial for your book; introducing your primary talking points to the readers.

•  We manually establish your profile on 10 major social networking sites; populating the sites with fans, friends, your promotional material, widgets and posting all of your news to start you off.

•  A Internet media room is created to house all of your widgets, multimedia players, articles and book promotional material. This will be the central location presented to online media sources during your publicity junket. View a sample media room.

Online Media Junket (Internet book/media tour) 
We use a media junket to reach the online media, Internet radio hosts, bookclubs and social media influencers. This online media junket in strongly based on RSS feed news syndication, audio and video presentations, as well as alot of manual article syndication. The author's promotional material, book synopsis, interviews and multimedia presentations are manually posted to 150 sites within 2 months. The author is featured in Black Pearls Magazine online and in the printed editions. The tour includes a exclusive Evening with Ella interview on the Black Authors Network Radio Show.  

•  7-day social media book tour 
• Contest Maintenance
•  Galley distribution to bookclubs
• Ad in printed version of Black Pearls Magazine
• Internet radio tour and commercial syndication
•  Social media event or contest promotion

Development of Social Networking Strategy 

Once we have established an author's budget, target audience, primary message and strengths---we proceed to develop a sound strategy for the book. We discuss the author's person time and dedication to the project, as well as what their ultimate goal is. From this point we look at the online communities, social media tools, service providers and EDC Creations partners that can be used to take this book to the top. There has to be a plan! We have to know where we are going; who we will reach when we get there; and what we will share with them once we have their attention!

Publicity Plan and Timeline Creation
Each author is provided with 3 ebooks that are filled with details on how to create a simple book marketing plan, publicity plan and how to use social media networking effectively. We will host a 2-hour training session to go over the ebooks and the resources listed in each book. We provide addresses and contact information to indie bookstores, bookclub presidents and many forms of media online and off.

Handling  Social Media PR

We write your press releases and manually distribute them to all your social media networking profiles. The press releases are also posted to your syndicated blog. EDC Creations has a vast network of blogs, social networks and a 165,000 member reader list that will receive your news as well. EDC Creations will introduce your book to bookclubs, online media sources and showcase the book throughout Black Pearls Magazine. Each author is given a book release party on the award-winning Black Authors Network Radio Show.

Includes the following support services:
• Multimedia Marketing 
• Video Chat Sessions
• Tele-seminar Outreach
• Article Syndication

Social Media Coaching

Many authors are so busy writing and creating that they might not have the time to research the publishing trends or new tools. EDC Creations' founder, Ella Curry, attends at least 20 major online and offline publishing industry conferences per year. She also takes many online courses in marketing and public relations in order to stay abreast of the progressive Internet Marketing mediums. Each author is thoroughly trained on how to use the accounts established by Ella Curry and her team. This includes training on creating newsletters,  creating future podcasts, how to circulate the widgets and html code to promotional material. We also provide visual training on how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social networking sites.

Direct Email Marketing 
Eblasts, video and audio postcards, digital events listings, banners and written interviews will be broadcast to EDC Creations database of readers, more than 165,000. Your book will showcased to the Sankofa Literary Society which now includes 2 RSS feed newsletters, 4 popular social networks, a syndication blog system reaching potentially millions per month and 9 establish bookclubs that only read the SLS featured titles!

Database Management
With the creation of an email newsletter or a fanpage, we can capture the contact information of your opt-in fans and readers. It is essential to have a database to share your important up dates with, in a timely manner. We help the author establish a online and offline means of staying connected to the readers and literary service providers. Coaching is provided on how to utilize technology on gathering readers and newsletter subscribers. We create the mini-ebooks, contests or bonuses that help  generate  a dynamic database of repeat buyers.

Resources that we use:

• Feedblitz
• Feedburner
• iTunes
• Periscope 
• Youtube
• Mashable
• Stumbleupon
• Slideshare
• BlogTalkRadio
• Facebook 
• Twitter 
• LinkedIn 
• Instagram
• Goodreads
• Pinterest

Note: There are NO refunds once this program starts.
The campaign lasts for 4 months. We need 60 days notice to book radio interviews and guest blogger spots with our tour partners. If you have any questions, please email us at: