Zora Complete Book Publicity Package -- $5,500.00 setup

This is a full-scale 6 month marketing package that�s sure to get you noticed globally.
There is a $1,500.00 deposit required at signing and the remaining payments will be made in 3-4 installments.

Let EDC Creations free up your time to write! We will serve as your ghost blogger, virtual assistants or sales representative, in order to spread your content across the web.  You submit your material to us one time and we syndicate it to your network while you flex your creative efforts. No more overwhelming late nights or early mornings catching up on social media networking. You have fun with your fans, slow down, write your next book  and we keep the world  informed!

We will create a 5-page website, establish all the social media accounts and populate each profile to resemble mini-websites;  each account is populated completely with all of your book details, articles, multi-media displays and widgets. The author is given full control and ownership of the accounts. 

We take over the full campaign for the first 6 months of the book.  The team will establish the foundation and create all the promotional material before publication. The actual promotion will start 30 days before the book hits the shelves. We will continue to offer follow up with email  support for 60 days after the campaign ends.  The base price for setup is listed. The monthly retainer fees, to keep the program going, will be negotiated. The retainer fee is based on the level of service provided. Weekly conference calls are available for updates.

This package  increases your:

� Product visibility 

� Brand appreciation

� Search engine rankings

� Status as a top-selling author

� Time spent creating vs. posting

� Integration platform bridging your social marketing sites

Publicity Plan:  8 Point Online Publicity Junket

This part of the tour will  introduce you to the media and readers in the 8 steps listed below.

1. Email Marketing�   includes Eblasts, Book Excerpts and Interview Syndication
2. Blogging�  including Podcasting, Video Blogging & Micro-Blogging
3. Social Media Networking� socializing on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, IG and Linkedin
4. Forum Building� syndicating Articles and Opening Conversations
5. Online Advertising� with Major Literary Service Providers
6. Online PR� pitching to  Bookclubs, HARO and Media Advisories
7. Internet Book  and Radio Tour� mp3 commercial syndication and blog tour
8. EDC Creations Literary Trunk Shows� Ella Curry travels with books to events

Syndicated Blog System

We create your blog and set up a system so that it creates a mass push to the public via RSS Feed. The author has the potential to reach millions with every post! The blog or fanpage is connected to a 4 point system that ties in readers and the media using the most popular bookmarking sites, blog directories and RSS feed aggregators. During our personal coaching sessions, we instruct the author on how to maintain this system and explain what all terms associated mean. There are additional services offered by EDC Creations to maintain the system for the client. 

Direct Email Marketing 
Eblasts, video and audio postcards, digital events listings, banners and written interviews will be broadcast to EDC Creations database of readers, more than 165,000. Your book will showcased to the Sankofa Literary Society which now includes 2 RSS feed newsletters, 4 popular social networks, a syndication blog system reaching potentially millions per month and 9 establish bookclubs that only read the SLS featured titles!

Database Management
With the creation of an email newsletter or a fanpage, we can capture the contact information of your fans and readers. It is essential to have a database to share your important up dates with in a timely manner. We help the author establish a online and offline means of staying connected to the readers and literary service providers. Coaching is provided on how to utilize technology on gather readers and newsletter subscribers. We create the mini-ebooks, contests or bonuses that generate a dynamic database.

EDC Creations Literary Trunk Shows
The tour also includes a spot in the EDC Creations literary trunk shows, where the book will be introduced to bookclubs and readers across the USA at private meet and greet mixers. Ella D. Curry, president of EDC Creations travel to at least 20 events each year. During her speaking engagements or bookclub meetings, she showcases the client's books, videos and promotional material. Your book is part of this trunk show. 

Broadcast Services and Setup:
� 2- Page display in Printed and Digital Black Pearls Magazine
� Unlimited Book Coaching with Email Support
� Authors Toolbox Creation (pdf conversions, widgets, digital excerpts, ect.)
� Authors Online Media Center Creation 
� Complete 5-Page Wordpress Website Setup and 1 Year of Maintenance
� Publicity Plan and Viral Marketing Strategy Creation 
� Full Black Pearls Magazine Coverage
Full Level Up Crown Holder Package
� Full Unwrapped Lit Campaign (book showcased at private literary events)
� Full 7-day Virtual Book Tour with EDC Creations
� Q & A Displayed on 50 Social Media Discussion Boards and Sites
� First Chapter Promotion to 50 Social Media Discussion Boards and Sites
� 1 Webinar and 1 Course Creation. Setup on Teachable and Syndication
� Audio Postcard Creation and Syndication
� BAN Radio Virtual Book Signing
� Banner Creation and Syndication 
� Book Club Contest Promotion and Webcast (pre-publication; book discussion)
� Book Displayed on EDC Creations Front Page 
� Book Video Creation and Syndication
� Books Sold in Both EDC Creations Online Bookstore
� Electronic Sell Sheet and Online Media Kit Creation
� Facebook Fanpage Creations with Friends Added
� Facebook Chat Showcase and Event eblast
� Featured author on Black Pearls Magazine Facebook profile
� Featured author in Black Pearls Magazine Newsletter
� Featured author in BAN Radio Show Newsletter
� Press Release Creation and Syndication to 10 sites
� Weekly Twitter Announcement of your book; linked to your site    
� Media Pitch Submission to 10 online Radio Stations and 20 online Magazines/Newspapers
My Book is Coming Soon  E-blast to 165, 000 subscribers (20 days before release)
My Book is Available Now  E-blast to 165, 000 subscribers (day of public release)

The retainer services have a two month minimum
in order to establish a strong foundation for each author and for the house. On this page, you will find the various programs and services that we have put together to help you create a buzz and ultimately generate demand for your book or business. The base price for setting up the program is listed. The monthly retainer fees, to keep the program going, will be negotiated. The retainer fee is based on the level of continued service by EDC Creations,  starting at $600.00 per month after this contract expires.

Our comprehensive book publicity campaigns include some or all of the listed available services, depending on your needs, book genre, target audience, and scope of the project.  If the author already has an item in place, we will enhance that item, not replace it. There is a $1,500.00 deposit required at signing and the remaining payments can be made in 2-3 installments. 


EDC Creations Payment Center 
Pay $1,500.00 to start this campaign for new projects. 

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No refunds after the services start.  All deposits are non-refundable.


More EDC Creations Retainer Based Services   
Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel as if you are being left behind? Want to get more publicity for your book, publishing house, small business, online radio show, etc.?  Let's us do the foot work and you focus on the creative side of publishing!  You are not alone.  

 EDC Creations offers complete marketing assistance. No business is too small or too large to benefit from partnering with us. Hiring a public relations firm for your book is the right thing to do! You need to have a professional who can create the right professional image for you and your book. 

We work on your media kit, building your brand, increasing your territory, submitting press releases and articles, connecting you with the  "go to people",  creating speaking events for you, and everything else required to get you the publicity you deserve. We work on monthly retainer or by established project contracts. 

Digital and social media have fundamentally changed how we do business and work with our target consumers, in the 21st century. Don't get left behind by not seeking professional help. We are here for you, committing to unparalleled service for each client. We are stakeholders in your future too!  


Full-Service  Publicity  Campaigns
Our full-service publicity campaigns incorporate traditional  and Internet media contacts at the local, regional and national levels. Our publicity campaigns typically range from two to six months. However, we have the ability to tailor our campaigns to each author or publishers� unique requirements. The campaign timeline recommended for each book depends on our analysis of the author�s credentials and media potential of the book�s message.   

EDC Creations will review and implement a personalized, social media cross-marketing strategy, that includes email database campaigns, branding enforcement, increasing revenue stream opportunities, and the creation of online blog tours and e-newsletter campaigns.

Listed below are our retainer based campaigns. Explore them all to find the best fit:
Flatrate Packages   |��Langston - 1,800.00   |  Wheatley - 2,800.00   |  Zora - 5,500.00

Campaign Management
An online book marketing and PR campaign requires a high level of dedication on the part of the author. Establishing quality communication with the PR team, that ultimately reflects your unique voice, will be essential. Our communication skills, combined with our loyal partnerships, are the tools that will build massive followings and long-term relationships for our clients and their readers. 

A variety of cutting-edge strategies will be used daily to continuously build a strong brand, pinpoint your target audience and to connect you with people interested in your message. These activities are focused on building a loyal following of people who will purchase your book and tell others to do the same. Every book we work with is unique, it has it's own voice and message, so every book deserves a unique campaign. Please email us at:  We welcome your business!

No refunds after the services start.  All deposits are non-refundable.